ROLLCO is one of the leading company in United Kingdom in the distribution of auto parts and services to support the work of spare part dealers.ROLLCO, founded in 1979, has vigorously pursued a history of continuous success and today it represents an innovative and evolving company. We are a benchmark in the automotive industry for manufacturers and resellers, for the organizational virtues, cutting-edge logistics,prestigious brand distribution, the partnerships with automotive networks, and smart technical and marketing services for its dealers

The brand ROLLCO is built on well groomed values that focus on delivering with better quality, enhanced reliability and faith, than any other supplier. Whether it means supplying reliable OE parts, or nurturing an aftermarket on replacement parts, the line of products here, are built to give a performance marked with perfect superiority every time. Our goal is to build an everlasting relationship with you through our select and top-quality service.

We aim to get the right parts, for the right place, at the right time, at the best competitive prices in the market.

Keeping consumer satisfaction as its first priority and a dedicated team with the best of experts, we assure good assortment packaged with high availability.

To be UK’s most preferred and trusted supplier of aftermarket vehicle parts, solutions, and accessories.

We thrive to provide all cars with replacement and wearing parts, while keeping in pace with the current standards and trends in the dynamically changing environment.

We are passionate people who thrive towards excellence and believe in raising our bar of performance each time.

We know how important our customers are and for whom we do not hesitate to go that extra mile in terms of meeting requirements, deadlines and achieving innovation altogether.

Rollco products are the genuine alternative to expensive OE equivalent but at a fraction of the cost.We truly believe the end user has the right to chose, whether he wants a brand new OE part, Rebuilt/Repaired OE part (in most cases, surcharges are applied) or brand new alternative part where no surcharge is applied, as we do not require the non working part to be returned. Thus keeping the transaction clean and tidy without the headache of not knowing if you will get your surcharges back.

If you don’t mind throwing money away then yes go for the expensive alternative but why not save a little and get equivalent quality parts at exceptional prices.



1980 - 1990

We started as a small company that traded in spare parts with the name “MALAUTO LIMITED” in the British market. Slowly and steadily, accelerating our speed of growth, we managed to get ourselves registered in the United Kingdom in 1984.

1990 - 2000

We turned into a company that was happy, growing and chasing excellence. By the year 1997, we saw our name change to “ROLLING COMPONENTS”.

2001 - 2010

Starting with rotating parts in 2002, we have been facing the best challenges and we were rewarded for our efforts in 2006 as being ranked 66 th in the Fast Track 100 list.

Fast track 100 (2006):

Rolling Components achieved the position of 66 on the league table of Britain’s private companies with the fastest-growing sales

2011 - Till Date

By the year 2014, we had added products to our stock, namely - EGR Valve, Ignition Coil, Mass Air Flow Meter. By spreading our work, we were also strengthening our roots by adding Brake Caliper, Steering Pump, CV Joint and Drive Shaft to our list of spare parts that we offer.

Our History


Rolling Components has been widely renowned for rotating the deviations that came into the picture with the VS brand. The presence and existence of all the new products and their extensive procedures of developments, are carried under VS brands.

VS first saw the limelight of the market in the year 2013. With hard work and dedication as their only weapons to win over the battlefield of competition, it gained a name and presence, that came handy with recognition in the year 2014.

This brand decided to follow the basic footsteps that Rolling Components went for, in almost every sphere of challenges that they faced, but the vision seen was something larger than life and the ethical values with which they work, will be continued to endeavor.